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Hon Lik:  Inventor of the E-Cigarette


Hon Lik, Without him we would not have E-Cigarettes. Born in September 1951, Lik is the man responsible for inventing the


modern e-cigarette when, in 2001, he started work on a device that would deliver a nicotine hit without the need to smoke




​Once in 2002, Hon forgot to remove a nicotine patch from his stomach before bed and had nightmares all night. He traced it


to the continuous dose of nicotine and then realized it was precisely that steady release that made patches inadequate for him.

​Without the sharp nicotine highs he got from smoking, he found there was no relaxation or stress relief.



​Armed with a background in Oriental medicine, knowledge of mechanics, and an interest in electronics, Hon set out to make


something that would mimic the act of smoking - without the deadly smoke.


Hon's drive was galvanized further when his father, also a smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly afterward. He


died in 2004.

Hon told Reuters on T“My real passion, like many other inventors, is to leave some trace behind.