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  • love eCig Launch The New screwless Neptune Advanced Vaping System

    Pre filled clearomizer system to provide a liquid solution for consumers without any hassle, mess or risk

    The New launch of the advanced screwless pre filled option clearomizer love eCig Neptune is the perfect introduction to the Industry and truly is a landmark in terms of simplicity, best vaping experience. The love eCig Neptune is the first eCig of its kind coming with a pre filled disposable clearomizer system, this will suit smokers and veteran vapers who don't necessarily like the inconvenience, hassle or mess of refilling tanks and clearomizer's. The love eCig Neptune is the next generation of eCig, it's safer and a cleaner way to vape. Not only that but the Neptune further benefits with its new patented screwless simple connectors, auto battery, cheap price, and new air flow system, guaranteeing consistency and satisfaction. The tanks are pre filled with 2.4ml of Love E-Liquid.The Neptune is tailored made for convenience, simplicity and best vaping experience. We feel this new advanced system will fill the gap in the market for people who have not been totally satisfied with eCig vaping a more simple no hassle satisfying alternative to smoking. Many people are reporting the new integrated coil system gives smokers a more like for like satisfying experience. We are all using the Neptune at love eCig and we can whole heartedly recommend the Neptune to all smokers and vapers. Try it, and fall in love with your perfect match.


  • About Loveecig

    The Electronic Cigarette was created to save life

    Hon Lik from China invented the eCig in 2003, Hon found inspiration from his own addiction to tobacco and watching his father die from lung cancer as a result of a 60 a day cigarette habbit to invent the eCigarette. Hon says he was using nicotine patches to try and quit smoking, but sometimes forgot to take the patch off before he went to sleep, it was one of these nights he dreamt he was in a sea of vapour which converted into a cloud of liquid.


    We are proud to be a part of the revolutionary electronic cigarette industry, The Loveecig mission started in 2009 after qutiing tobacco with a eCig. Our passion is to help more smokers become victimless to the misery tobacco causes by turning a negative into a positive by providing consumers a more satisfying enjoyable experience to smoking.  We all have only one shot at life.

    Loveecig Cupid

    The cupid is well known for being a symbol of love, duals with the devil, and a passion to bring 2 good things together..

  • Smoke Without the Fire

    The electronic cigarette or the ecig as it is popularly known is an electrical device which performs the work of the regular cigarette without the harmful effects. It almost sounds like the invention of an ice cream but without the calories! Although the latter remains a dream the former has been achieved and is widely popular now. What the device does is that it functions like an inhaler. It vaporizes the liquid present in the cigarette in the form of aerosol vapours which release the nicotine in the same fashion as an analogue cigarette. The amount of nicotine present in the cigarette is determined by the user and it is also available in flavored e-cig liquid.

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  • Celebrity Smokers Have Love Affairs with E-Cigs

    Electronic cigarettes seem to be gaining popularity among celebrity smokers. There are many reasons why they may love them. Ecigs do not burn tobacco, instead, they vaporize liquids that may or may not contain nicotine - smokers can choose what nicotine levels they want the e liquid strength to be. This allows smokers an alternative to exposing their loved ones to second hand smoke and the health hazards of smoking tobacco. They also come in a variety of delicious flavors. There are a wide range of flavors available - from tobacco to fruit flavors.

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  • Love eCig UK

    More and more people in the UK are cottoning onto the huge savings and health benefits the eCig provides a smoker, 2013 has been no better time for a smoker to quit tobacco, eCig products have advanced rapidly since 2003, providing  smokers today with a even better chance of satisfying cravings and even enjoy the healthy alternative to the harmful tobacco.

    The Electronic Cigarette was first sold in the UK in 2005 and by 2006 there was only 400 owners.

    The Growth and popularity of the Electronic Cigarette has been vast since 2006.

    2006- 400 owners

    2007 - 1,000 owners

    2008 - 10,000

    2009 - 50,000

    2010 - 150,000

    2011 - 300,000

    2012 - 600,000

    2013 - 1.1m expected

    With the trend increasing roughly 50% a year it is projected by 2014 there will be 2m owners of eCigs in the UK alone, this percentage will eventualy start to slow down, but e cigarettes are expected to take 25% of the tobacco industry by 2012.

    The World Health Orginisation statistics show 6 million people die from tobacco worldwide every year, 6 hundred thousand of which do not even smoke who have inhaled second hand smoke from smokers.

    Tobacco Companies

    Tobacco companies are taken the view if you can't beat them join them. The US giant  Lorillard Tobacco company has already aqiured blucigs a well known  American electronic cigarette company, it is expected more tobacco companies to follow suit, as the eCig phenomena grows. What ever anyone thinks of tobacco companies, this has got to be positive news for the eCig and peoples health in general, wealthy tobacco companies have  vast experince in marketing and connections that can only help accelerate the healthier alternative electronic cigarette.

    What Age Groups Are using eCig's in the UK

    The eCig is least used in the UK by the 18-30 age group, only taking up 13% of the market in the UK, the 30-50 age group take up 55% of sales in the UK, and the over 50 group take up the 32%.



  • Ecigs Gain Immense Popularity On Social Networks

    Thanks to many social networking websites that are laying the platform for eCig lovers to talk about it and spread a good word about it. Many people have shown their interest in eCigs by talking about it and following our website. Not only they have liked our presence on the major social networks but have also talked about the benefits of eCigs. Many have shared their personal experience. This in fact, the best of kind of advertising that one could have. We are extremely grateful to all those who have taken out time to appreciate our products and tell the world about it.

    In a very short period of time, we have gained a good count of 'Likes' on Facebook. This kind of appreciation gives us the encourage to keep on with our good work. After analyzing this success, we have actually worked more diligently on our deliverability. Our team is busy planning out new plans and schemes. By delivering the various flavors of electronic cigarettes, we are actually attempting to persuade the smokers pick up a healthier way.

    We take pleasure in stating that researches have proved again and again that electric cigarettes are way too healthier and safer than traditional smoking buds. Recently, test revealed that the mist inhaled via e-cigarette is comparitively very less hazardous than smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is the reason why we suggest all regular smokers to shift to eCigs that promise them a safer and a more healthy life.

  • Let's Give Your Age-old Habit A New Look And Feel

    Smoking is an age-old habit that many of us develop over a period of time. Beginning as mere thrill and excitement, it later takes the form of an annoying habit that is hard to get rid of. But then again, it is hard to quit smoking but not impossible. Thanks to eCigs that has made it incredibly easy for many people to quit or at least curb down their daily count of traditional cigarette buds. eCigs are basically electric cigarettes that let people enjoy the same feel and taste as that of conventional cigarettes. What adds on to its saleability is its multiple benefits.

    Benefits of eCigs you must know

    E-cigarettes have earned great appreciation in a very short period of time. People have loved it and are loving it for a variety of reasons. The most incredible one is that eCigs are much healthier than the traditional smoke buds. They do not have many harmful elements that traditional eCigs come wrapped with. All it has is nicotine that when smoked delivers vapors. Therefore, you and and your surroundings do not have to deal with the annoying smell and adverse effects of smoke. This attribute also make electronic cigarettes socially accepted. People around you do not feel bothered and anxious. You can also enjoy a quick count of puffs at home around your family.

    Order your eCig kit today

    Be it an awful day at work or an exciting day with friends, You can now enjoy a smoke without any guilt. Just order your electronic cigarette today and have great moments of healthier, safer and affordable smoking. Available at pocket friendly rates, this is indeed the best gift that you can give to your Dad or husband or any other loved one who is fond of smoking. By doing so, you will not only introduce them to a economical alternative but will also be show how much you care about them; after all, health is wealth.

  • Electronic Cigarettes: Socially Acceptable And Endorsed Way Of Smoking

    A conventional smoker is responsible not only for putting their health in serious danger but also create a mess for others as well. What the major hurdle is that smoking is mostly prohibited in public places and a chain smoker finds it tough to enjoy their smoking crave with full enthusiasim. An addicted person finds it tough to cope with social stigma attached with the smoking in public places. The major hurdle comes in the form of Tar, Dust and Smoke.

    Socially, eCigs are much safer to use and offer addicts a reason to smile indeed. What else do you need if you find opportunity to enjoy it in airports, bars, hotels and restaurants. Society is now looking forward to endorse electronic cigarettes due to the lack of tar and other toxins that primarily is responsible for teeth turning yellow and lungs from being damaged. Following this trend, more and more people are starting to use a vibrant range of electronic cigarettes. These are the new entrants in the social circle and getting wide attention by  people.

    Now numerous countries have analyzed the relevance of eCigs in todays scenario and came to the conclusion that the e-cigarette is by far the better healthier alternative to real cigarettes in terms of health, dirt and smoke. In the USA, UK and some other European countries, it has become a craze even among the celebrities and bigwigs. This trend is accelerating year by year as the word spreads that eCig is a healthier far cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco, if people are wanting to carry on enjoying smoking without huge costs and healthy hazards the e-cigarette is the perfect solution.

    Smoking electronic cigarettes provides relief from harmful side effects like cancer, disposal of cigarette butts, rising prices of cigarettes and social taboos. Now, you may also enjoy a good range of electronic cigarettes available with vitamin filled nicotine packs. The other benefit of eCigs is that you can enjoy it at any time, in any place, without a lighter or ashtray. All these comfort put the electronic cigarette on top of your list.

  • Let's Delight Cigar Smokers With A Safer Alternative

    Ecigs have been delighting cigar smokers across a wide area for quite some time now. The launch of this new, trendy and innovative product enables smokers to indulge in the awesome pleasure of smoking a cigar without worrying about the many harmful side-effects. These new electronic cigarettes are completely free from carbon monoxide, toxic tar or other cancer-engendering chemicals. You must be wondering about nicotine now. Well, eCigs have nicotine but this one does not carry any harmful effect since it cannot burn. So, buy your eCigs kit today, if you want to enjoy the mesmerizing taste and awesome sensation of a cigarette without having to suffer from the the harmful effects.

    The best part about these electric cigarettes is that they look and feel exactly like a typical cigarette bud. It has a unique tobacco leaf-like texture and an amazingly soft tip at the end of the mouth piece that gives you the feel of original wrap. It does not demand any maintenance and cleaning after use. You do not have to look for a bin to throw away the bud plus, the room will have no messy smell. Hence, it's like the real one without its drawbacks.

    Ecigs come in dual parts – a rechargeable lithium Inteli battery and an atomized cartridge that plugs into the battery. The technology is great, flawless and completely safe to go on with. In addition, it goes without saying that the electronic cigarettes come with easy to use functionality. They have incredible taste and look. They are definitely an advanced and innovative product that allows all smoke lovers to put down the drain the frustration of exacerbating their health at an alarming rate.

  • Can electronic cigarettes help to stop or reduce smoking Electric cigarettes from a former 40 a day ex- smokers perspective.

    As a now ex-smoker, I have tried all the current smoking cessation treatments currently available from the National Health Service(NHS) here in the UK, it’s great to have choices because as individuals our needs can be very complex and what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. For me, I failed in my attempts to quit smoking using traditional Nicotine replacement treatments (NRT) via the NHS and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon electronic cigarettes about 4 years ago that I eventually managed to finally kick the habit.
    The process in the beginning was a little bit of trial and error; there were less companies selling electric cigarettes back then and the quality and performance of the ecig was often not that good. As a 40 a day smoker the most important factor I wanted in an electronic cigarette was an intense vapour production so I could really feel it hit the back of my throat and see the vapour as I exhaled. Psychologically,  seeing the vapour helped to convince my brain that everything was normal and using electronic cigarettes most definitely replicated the act of smoking enough to do this, enabling me to finally quit smoking, for good, two years ago.
    The positive impacts of using electronic cigarettes, for me, have been huge; I am saving about £500 a month, although it would probably cost me more than that to smoke traditional cigarettes now, given the ongoing steep rises in their price. More importantly as an asthma sufferer, in the last years of my smoking, I was being admitted to hospital at least once a year with various chest or breathing difficulties, and since switching completely to using electronic cigarettes, no more admissions to hospital.
    My breathing has improved beyond belief, no more wheezing (previously particularly noticeable at night and in the morning when I used to have a real rattle) and no more persistent cough. Within a couple of weeks of making the switch, people were commenting on how good my skin looked and within just a few days my senses of taste and smell became so much stronger, I couldn't believe the difference. These are in fact identical to the changes you experience when using more traditional NRT products and  what's more, I am delighted to say that as yet in over four years of extensive use, I have experienced no negative consequences.
    Finding a reliable high performance Ecig is not always easy and yet was fundamental to my successfully quitting traditional cigarettes.To anyone reading this (and you can feel free to call me biased!),  I would definitely recommend Love Ecigs newest product, the Love Ecig 510. Love eCigs ethos has always been to provide smokers with an alternative that they can enjoy atleast as much, if not more, than smoking traditional cigarettes and this high tech 510 certainly achieves that. It is smart, multi functional, sophisticated, dependable and has a vapour production that is second to none, with a "kick" that far surpasses it's traditional counterpart. It is a great kit for both experienced users and first time buyers alike.

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