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Direct retailer and wholesaler of E cigs in UK, love eCig’s range of the highest quality e cigarettes brings together a way to experience the sense of real smoking. It is a modern and safe device that no where contains tar, tobacco or anything that causes harmful effects! It is proven that Electronic Cigarettes are 99% than traditional cigarettes.

E Cig- What it really means?

An electronic cigarette (e-cig or ecigarette) is a personal vapourizer or electronic nicotine delivery system. The eCig is a powered vapourizer which has a similar feel to tobacco smoking. E-Liquid does not contain tobacco although does contain nicotine from tobacco plants. The eCig device does not produce smoke, but rather an aerosol, which is frequently but inaccuratley mistaken for vapour.

No Tobacco, Smell, or Ash- Buy E Cigs from love eCig

Quit Smoking Traditional Cigarettes Now

E Cigarettes are now tested and proven to be safe and the most successful way to quit the 4000 chemicals contained in tobacco. The eCig is changing society for the better by helping millions of smokers across the world swap their old age harmful habits to the modern healthier electronic cigarette.

Nicotine is highly addictive but is often compared to be as harmless as caffeine in coffee and soft drinks. Essentially nicotine is a vital conponent in eCigarettes to free a smoker from a destructive habit,  to a much healthier alternative. Smoking is responsible for at least 100 million premature deaths, without question the eCig is great positive for society in general and gives not only smokers but everyone a better future.

The Electronic Cigarette was created to save lives

Hon Lik from China invented the eCig in 2003, Hon found inspiration from his own addiction to tobacco and by watching his father die from lung cancer as a result of a 60 a day cigarette habbit to invent the eCigarette. Hon says he was using nicotine patches to try and quit smoking, but sometimes forgot to take the patch off before he went to sleep, it was one of these nights he dreamt of a device like a cigarette producing colourful vapour.

About love eCig ltd

We are proud to be a part of the electronic cigarette industry, The loveecig mission started in 2009 after qutiing tobacco with an eCig. Our passion is to provide smokers and future generations with the safest most satisfying alternative to tobacco. 

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The cupid is well known for being a symbol of love, with a real passion to bring 2 good things together. 

Loveecig has 5 years experience in the electronic cigarette industry. Our option for online shopping is very secure in terms of keeping personal information safe. Our shipping service is very prompt while placing orders and never disappoints our customers! Shop Now!! Love life Love eCig. For any further assistance, contact our team 


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